The Gate Church of the High Desert

Making Disciples, Creating Community and Revealing Kingdom


Welcome to the Gate Church of the High Desert! We are a Christ-centered, Bible believing, Spirit filled church working to release the Kingdom of God into every sphere of our community. We are so glad you have come to our site.

Please consider joining us on a Sunday! Our gatherings are a mix of Reformed liturgy, Spirit-led worship and expression as well as Gospel centered preaching. We begin at 10:00am and all are welcomed. Come as you are!

About Us

We invite you to take a look and discover who we are, what we teach and how we serve. Of course, if you have any questions, please use the contact form below or give us a call. We would love to connect!
The Gate Church of the High Desert exists to redeem people and renew creation by making disciples, creating community and revealing the Kingdom of God.
At the core of our doctrine is the gospel of Jesus Christ—the glorious truth that Jesus Christ died and was raised so that sinners would be reconciled to God.
The gospel is our primary passion and the driving influence in our churches’ preaching, worship, small groups, and outreach. Every ministry is centered on the good news.


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