The Gate Alliance of International Ministries is devoted to the work of making Jesus, our King, known and revealing His Kingdom throughout the earth!

Our aim is to impact the nations by making disciples, creating community and expanding the influence of heaven. This is done by networking churches, planting and revitalizing churches, training leaders and meeting the practical needs of of people everywhere.

Since 1992, we have worked to facilitate and nurture meaningful relationships wherever God has made connections with Apostolic leaders and their family of connected churches and ministries through times of refreshing (fellowship), times of resourcing (equipping), and times of releasing (ministry) into the nations for the purpose of establishing and expanding the kingdom of God in the earth. The Gate AIM benefits national and regional leaders and their churches by:

  • Helping them to establish meaningful covenant relationships with like-minded leaders.
  • Providing resources to enhance the life and ministry of the local church and connected ministries.
  • Providing a sense of covering and accountability.
  • Providing for the rejuvenation and refreshing of battle weary leaders.
  • Giving each ministry a sense of connection to a larger network of apostolic families with a global vision.
The Gate AIM benefits apostolic families by assisting their leaders, by giving them a sense of national and international identity, by providing a sense of security in times of difficulty, and by exposing their churches and ministries to others that will build what they are building.
We are not a denomination! It is important that you understand our desire is not to control or usurp local regional authority or church autonomy, but we are a relational affiliation of like-minded leaders, churches and ministries called together through divine connection to be a Kingdom expression on the earth.
We are not involved in owning or controlling church property. This is the function of the local church and is not our intent.
We are not a traditional missionary agency. While The Gate AIM will support and encourage missionary activity and church planting, it is not a platform for launching missionaries in the traditional sense. We are, however, an apostolic-ministry that facilitates Kingdom activity through apostolic, indigenous ministries throughout the nations.

The Gate AIM provides a structure and a context where meaningful relationships can be cultivated, but it is up to each participating leader along with the The Gate AIM leadership to sense a personal responsibility for one another as "our brother's keeper".

In addition, The Gate AIM is about:

International Compassion Ministry Bringing a Hope and a Future

It is the Gate AIM to bring hope and a future to those in great need!  It is our goal to link with indigenous apostolic ministries in the nations to assist them in fulfilling the Kingdom mandate for their territory. This is done through ... Ministry Teams, Children’s Homes and Social Reform.
Ministry Teams are sent to overseas ministries that are in relationship with The Gate AIM. A ministry team’s major purpose is to build and strengthen the local church and its leadership through leadership seminars, church-wide seminars, and other training events. Other ministry initiatives may be carried out such as medical and construction teams.
Each team’s focus is to get the local leaders and body functioning in ministry to the community. Ministry teams involve those that are walking together and have a meaningful relationship with The Gate AIM. Interested participants should let us know of their availability for involvement at this level and must be under the authority of a connected ministry. Ministry teams are Leadership Training Teams, Medical Teams and Construction Teams.
Children’s Homes are a major focus for The Gate AIM. In an effort to transform nations, we believe that we must be involved in the lives of children! We believe that it is important to have a generational strategy for expanding the Kingdom of God.  Therefore, we are reaching out to the nations impoverished and orphaned.
The Gate AIM supports and assists children’s homes in India, Cambodia, Nicaragua and Kenya. The Word of God is taught to the children and the principles of Scripture are imparted to make a difference for the future of these children and their nation.
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Children's Home in Africa
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