Wednesday Night Bible Studies

Wednesday Night Bible Studies

February 1 – March 29:

“The Book of Colossians: Christ, The Supremacy and Sufficiency of Christ”             

April 5 – May 17:

“The Book of Galatians: How the Gospel Redefines Everything”




Kingdom Ministries USA Conference

The Gate Church of the High Desert (map)

The KMUSA National Conference will take place April 26-28 at the Gate Church of the High Desert in Victorville, California. We want to invite all leaders in the KMUSA family to attend! This year’s theme is: “Reformation 2017: Courageous Acts for Foundational Change”

Based on the acts of the Reformers and the great courage it took for them to provoke foundational change, we believe a new reformation is needed in our time. It is our desire and hope that we can become the change agents in our culture. It begins with the people of God rising up to a new level of faith and building out God’s Kingdom in tangible ways. The 2017 KMUSA Conference intends to focus on ways for this change to occur. We will emphasize the following: Healthy Fellowships, Growing Communities and Fruitful Ministries.

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